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Developing your brand involves taking your business identity and transforming it for use over a wide variety of media.

This may include development across brochures, websites, display stands, corporate material, advertising, and printed material.

We have the necessary design skills to ensure your brand is professionally designed and styled across all types of media ensuring your business is seen as professional and fresh.

Here are ten things to consider to give you a clear understanding of your brand and what the development involves.

    1. What are you branding - a product, a service, a company, an individual?
    2. Research - Find out about your market, product or service.
    3. Position - Offer unique solutions to problems or needs within your target market.
    4. Definition - Describe what you offer and what makes your product, business, service or individual unique.
    5. Name - Give your brand a suitable name that will stay in the mind of your target market.
    6. Logo - Develop a logo that instantly identifies your brand.
    7. Tagline - Create a memorable phrase that describes your product, business service or individual.
    8. Launch - Make your brand public by telling everybody about it.
    9. Manage - Take care of your brand and manage it carefully.
    10. Realign - Occasionally you may want to adjust your brand to keep it current.

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